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The undisputed leader in sensors

Banner is a global leader in process and industrial automation, helping customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes, and safeguard employees.

Banner Engineering's highly trained solution architects work closely with their customers, partners and industry experts to analyze an application and identify the key products, features and components necessary to solve it.

Included in the BANNER range are industry-leading photoelectric sensors, vision sensors, wireless sensors, machine safety, e-stop devices, vision lighting, and a wide assortment of indicator lights, tower lights, stack lights, and pick to lights.


Banner are experts in a broad range of sensing technologies, offering the most comprehensive collection of sensors in the world. They have been consistently chosen as the preferred sensor vendor in more than 50 independent studies for nearly 30 years.

Products Include:

Miniature Photoelectrics, Compact Photoelectrics, Midsize Photoelectrics, Full-size Photoelectrics, Fiber Optic Sensors, Ultrasonic, Laser Sensors, Part-Sensing Sensors, Measuring Array Sensors, Slot Sensors, Analog Output, Vehicle Detection, Radar Sensors, Temperature Sensors, High-Pressure, Washdown Rated, Optical Touch Button, Registration Mark Sensors, Light Gauging Sensors, Intrinsically Safe, True Color Sensors, Luminescence Sensors, Remote Amplifier, Sensor Accessories

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Indicator Lights

Banner offers you a comprehensive selection of indicator lights; including pick-to-light systems, sequential assembly lights, call lights, indicator lights, and verification touch buttons.

Products Include:

Tower Lights, General Purpose, Call Lights, Multi-function, Daylight Visible, Audible, Sensor Emulator, Segmented, Pick-to-Light, Small Indicators, Medium Indicators, Large Indicators

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Vision Sensors

Vision sensors and systems from Banner combine high performance tools, intelligent features, and an intuitive user interface. They are cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solutions capable of solving thousands of applications, from simple feature verification to complex, high-speed inspections.

Products Include:

Vision Sensors, Vision Lighting, Vision Software, Vision Accessories

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Machine Safety

Designed to be easy to use and implement, developed to protect personnel and equipment from accident and injury, and built to perform reliably in challenging environments, Banner's comprehensive collection of machine safety products provide the highest levels of safety without compromising productivity.

Products Include:

Safety Light Screens (Type 4), Safety Light Screens (Type 2), Safety Laser Scanners (Type 3), Two-Hand Control Modules, Safety Interlock Switches, Safety Modules and Controllers, Emergency Stop Devices, Fiber Optic Safety Systems, Machine Safety Accessories

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Wireless products from Banner connect remote assets with the people who manage them, enabling real-time monitoring and management of equipment and conditions in difficult-to-access locations or where wired solutions are impractical, ineffective or cost-prohibitive.

Products Include:

Wireless I/O Products, Antennas, Accessories

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D&I Controls (Pty) Ltd strives to give a professional, reliable service and cost effective products to the Industrial Automation Industry.

D&I Controls has been supplying sensors to the industry for the last 20 years and regardless of what you want to detect, inspect or protect, we provide unique and comprehensive solutions quickly and reliably.

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