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Machine Safety Switches

Comitronic products include coded non-contact safety switches in rugged plastic and stainless steel housings rated for washdown and corrosive atmospheres, contactless interlockings and a wide variety of safety relays. They comply with the latest safety standards and approvals, and help to reduce the machine downtime due to faulty switches.

Their Safety Switches are popular within the Food and Beverage industry, since mechanical switches are often prohibited because of the risk of bacteria and dirt gathering in the interstices.

The Comitronic stainless steel range is:

  • Totally waterproof (IP67 or IP69K)
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Resistant to high pressure cleaning and washing detergents.
  • They can be used where they come in direct contact with food since there is no risk of bacterial development.
  • Laser marking ensures that the inscription on the switches remains readable for the life of the switch.

The switches consist of a receiver and a transmitter, that can be mounted on doors and crankcases of dangerous machines. When the door is opened, the switch stops the dangerous function, until the door is closed again. Thanks to an innovative, entirely electronic process called ACOTOM®, which is based on a multi-decoding system (unlike reed switches), Comitronic offers a reliable safety solution that is totally vandal-proof.

Stainless steel or rugged plastic housings ideal for corrosive atmospheres.

  • Coded non-contact
  • Wash down rated
  • Contactless interlocking

Comitronic Safety Relays come in a wide variety, and comply with the latest safety standards and approvals. They are ultra-reliable, and reduce machine downtime due to faulty switches.

We carry stock of the following items:

  • AMX3 and 5 – the first standalone non-contact switch approved PLd according to ISO13849-1, with integrated control system.
  • EPINUS, BOSTER – safety switches with a magnetic latch of 2 or 4 kgs, keeping doors magnetically closed is an ideal solution for machines with vibration.
  • TRITHON - totally waterproof, IP69k rated, resistant up to 110° C.

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